Finalist New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Award 2015

Media Release
Friday, 28 November 2014

Choosing from almost 370 entries submitted by New Zealand artists throughout the country, Judge Dr Anne Kirker has selected 50 finalist artworks for the 2015 New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Award.This award is our country’s most valuable, acquisitive cash award for New Zealand artists in the fields of painting and printmaking. The $20,000 prize is very generously sponsored by the Philip Vela Family Trust and they also purchase the winning artwork for their collection. Success in this competition has been a springboard for many of the winning artists who have moved on to significant...

Binding and Looping: Transfer of Presence in Contemporary Pacific Art

Binding and Looping: Transfer of Presence in Contemporary Pacific Art


October 5 – December 5, 2014

Binding and Looping: Transfer of Presence in Contemporary Pacific Art brings together artists from Hawai‘i and the Pacific for whom fiber and concepts of binding are both a respected tradition and an inspiration for contemporary art. In their individual ways, these artists consider their indigenous binding and looping customs and at the same time incorporate different media to create new works in sculpture, printmaking, photography, painting, and video.

The exhibition includes work by artists from Hawai‘i, Tonga, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Micronesia. Dr. Deborah Waite, professor...

Commission for GreenPeace

Commission for GreenPeace

People all over the world have responded to the plight of New Zealand’s critically endangered Maui’s dolphin. The Government called for submissions and received over 20,000 from people in New Zealand and all around the world wanting immediate action to save Maui’s dolphin from extinction.

As you know, Maui’s dolphin is the world’s smallest and most endangered marine dolphin. It is found only in New Zealand waters and the latest population estimate indicates only 55 adult dolphins remain alive. The sad truth is, they’re now outnumbered by our Members of Parliament.

The future of Maui’s dolphin is now...