StarMan in Rongotai

StarMan in Rongotai
Fine art pigment print on Rosaspina paper 300gsm
Edition of 8
80 x 60cm

LUNAR MODULE Sheyne Tuffery
Artist in Residence Carter Observatory , Wellington May 14 - August 2 2019

This body of work is an artists response to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.
What began as speculation into why we haven’t been back to the moon, transformed into an overwhelming astonishment of what they achieved.With this work I want people to have a closer look at what they did.

My visual response focusses on the spiritual journey of the astronauts upon leaving the Earths atmosphere. What would that do to your soul and mind?

Apollo 8 ’s mission of circumnavigating the moon for the first time was the first time we had a photograph of the our entire planet. The earth had never been seen before from space. It was the image that helped launch the environmental movement of the late 1960’s. Seeing that image made people think of all of us together rather than separate nationalities, it gave people hope.

The works on paper are a combination of NASA images and my photographs from the South Coast of Wellington, where the rocks remind me of a lunar surface.
The artworks start off as enhanced photographs take by me of the South Coast of Wellington, which are then passed through many filters in
photoshop and then mixed in with the Nasa images on top
NZ$ 1,550.00
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